Title : Yucatán
Release : 2018
Rating : 5.3
Language : Spanish
Runtime : 129
Genre : Comedy

Movie Detail

2008. Lucas is a rogue man specialized to steal to the passengers who travel in luxury boats. Breaking the pact with his former partner in crime Clayderman of not being together in the same ship nor in the same ocean, Lucas goes on board of the boat Sovereign where Clayderman works as pianist and public relations with Verónica, singer of the Sovereign, Clayderman's girlfriend and Lucas' former love interest. Wanting to close again Verónica, Lucas contacts her trying to recover her, but the real target of Lucas is old Antonio, a baker who win 160 millions in the lotto, which is constantly tempted by his two greedy son-in-laws Ernesto and Fede to obtain the money, to desperation of their respective wives Chusa and Alicia. Meanwhile Antonio starts to date with an elegant mature woman named Carmen, Clayderman discovers that Lucas is aboard the Sovereign and decides spy his steps, in the belief that Lucas not only is interested by Verónica, but a secret plan to get a large amount of money....

Director :

Daniel Monzón

Writer :

Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Daniel Monzón

Actors :

Luis Tosar, Rodrigo De la Serna, Joan Pera, Stephanie Cayo

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